Multi-Controller WAV File Player

This Multi-Controller WAV File Player is a programmable sound player. The device can be programmed to run up to eight output sounds or to run output programs. In addition, it can be programmed to use a Binary Switch input to control up to 128 songs or sound files. The sound files can be any sounds or songs saved in a WAV file format. The programming is very simple and can be done on most computers with little or no need for additional hardware. A modified a R/C Car rechargeable battery is used for the power source. The memory cards for this controller are CompactFlash card, Type I.


Controller Specs - PDF file

Sound File Samples

Press one of the eight small yellow buttons to hear the sound that would be played if a switch were attached to the controller.

Press one of the Binary Codes below the switches to hear a song programmed to that Binary Code.