Our goal is to help individuals and their families adapt equipment to make their lives easier and possibly fun.

As you can see we have built several adaptive UTVs and golf carts. We can install a Design Ability Joystick control system on basically any off-road vehicle or golf cart but our specialty is off-road vehicles like the Polaris RZR and Yamaha gas golf carts. Please note that the systems are not DOT approved so they can not be used on the US Roadways. Here is some basic information.

Brand of products:
The products used are for the most part are over the counter parts that would be used for automation or robots. There are a few custom parts and assemblies that are built by us.

Cost: Parts + Vehicle + Labor + Delivery

The cost of the parts to modify an RZR or any other off-road vehicle with the Joystick control system is basically $4,500. The Joystick control system controls the Steering, Throttle and Brakes. The automated gear shifting and other options are available but need to be design per individual vehicle.

There are Limited Grants available to help offset the cost of parts from Design Ability Inc. Non-Profit 501c3. 

The cost of the RZR ranges from approximately $12,000 for the 570cc to $18,000+ for the 1000cc. The RZR 570 or 900 (With out ESP) are the easiest to modify and recommended but we can modify anything.

The installation and setup labor is normally $3000 - $4000. We try and volunteer as much time as possible but volunteer time is not always available.

The addition of a ramp for wheelchair access would be dependent on the vehicle in question. The cost would be around $4,500 for parts and $3,000 - $4,000 for labor. This type of installation would be custom so further planning would be needed.

The delivery and custom setup is $1.00 per mile round trip traveled.
(For a 500 mile round trip, 250 miles one-way the delivery and setup would be $500)

If you need any references or if you would like to speak with some families that have the Design Ability joystick control system in their RZR or golf carts I can forward your information to them and they can contact you.

Main Goal:
The main goal is to see disabled individuals controlling their off-road side by sides and golf carts with the joystick or any other electronic input device. (Fun Therapy for all)

Please let us know if you need any more information.

Bill Stuck

Email –
Cell – 615-509-3503
Website –


NONPROFIT Design Ability Inc.ORG





Please contact us if you have any questions about our

custom modifications or related pricing.


Contact Info:

Cell – 615-509-3503

Email –

2024 Glastonbury Dr.

Franklin, TN 37069


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